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Valleyfield House


Just north of Longford, in Tasmania’s Northern Midlands, is the property of “Valleyfield” and one of the newest Vineyards in the State. It is, in fact, one of the oldest properties in Tasmania - but not to be confused with “Valleyfield” at Epping Forest. 

It is conveniently located half way between the Bass Highway and the township of Longford, at 873 Illawarra Road, which is often used as a shortcut between the Bass and Midland Highways – or by tourists passing through between the historic properties of “Entally House” at Hadspen and “Brickendon” and “Woolmers” at Longford.

“Valleyfield” was originally part of a grant of 1705 Acres to Henry Clayton around 1837. He, and his father William, built the homestead of “Wickford” over the road and the original “Valleyfield” homestead was built around 1840, judging by the sketches of John Glover Jnr., who sketched the house between 1850 and 1859, showing it with established gardens and built in a Georgian style.

At some point the house was changed to Federation style, as it is today. We are piecing together the history in between – and enjoyed finding the initials of a previous owner, Frank Newton, carved into the bark of an old walnut tree – and to listening to stories Frances’ Grandmother told of “Old Mrs. Newton, who fell down the well and had to be held up with fishing line while they found a rope to pull her out!”

The walnut tree is no more – we lost it in a storm in about 2014, but the well still exists! It is currently covered over for safety, but we hope to restore it as a feature in the near future. The brickwork inside the well is extraordinary!

We moved to Valleyfield in 2005 and have been working to establish our vineyard and expand it.


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Our Vineyard is open 7 days by appointment for Wine Tasting and Sales. Please call 0417 423 889 


  • 873 Illawara Road, Longford, Tasmania, Australia

  • (+61) 0417 423 889

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